And the UW-Madison Medical Education Award Goes to... Our Very Own Dr. Barbara Horner-Ibler!

Dr. Barbara Horner-Ibler

Dr. Barbara Horner-Ibler

The UW-Madison Sigurd Sivertson Medical Education Award recognizes the most deserving person this year (no bias here): Dr. Barbara Horner-Ibler.

Dr. Horner-Ibler, or Dr. Barb to her patients, has dedicated her life's work to those who cannot easily access our healthcare system. Part of her mission involves teaching our future doctors, nurses, and social workers how to deliver exceptional care while learning about the strengths of - and challenges facing - our Milwaukee neighborhoods. We routinely hear that the Bread of Healing Clinic stands out among all of the rotations and practical education experiences for these residents and students.

Dr. Barb focuses on serving others and does not seek recognition for her contributions. In fact, she would prefer this news post was not created. At the same time, it is important for our patients, volunteers, and supporters to know that we truly have remarkable staff who are unwavering in their commitment to the Bread of Healing Clinic mission.

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