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The Bread of Healing Clinic is a free medical clinic designed to serve low-income people who experience barriers to accessing ongoing health care. We are a unique faith-based collaboration that directly addresses a crucial human need. Please click here for clinic locations, hours, and contact information.

Our three clinic locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provide:

  • free, high-quality medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health care for people with chronic illnesses who do not have access to health insurance.
  • an environment of education for patients and for volunteers to learn more about the treatment of chronic illnesses in patients who most often experience disparities in care.
  • opportunities to experience, request, and offer healing for all of us (patient, provider, volunteer).
  • health care for patients in between health insurance coverages.

We believe that health is:

  • An issue of faith, for Jesus was continuously engaged in the work of healing.
  • An issue of social justice, a right that belongs to all people, regardless of ability to pay.
  • An issue of wholeness in the physical, spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing of individuals.

God calls us to healing in every arena of human life, and we seek to respond to that call in this ministry.

Please click here to learn about our position on medical services for immigrants.

Our Origins...

The Bread of Healing Clinic began as a ministry of Cross Lutheran Church, established with the support of community partners (UW-Madison Medical School, Aurora Health Care, other local churches). It continues now as a separately incorporated organization, holding clinics at three locations: Cross Lutheran Church, Eastbrook Church, and All People's Lutheran Church - Havenwoods.

The name Bread of Healing comes from Ecclesiastes 11:1, which invites the reader to: "Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days."

Maya Angelou writes further: "When we cast our bread upon the waters, we can presume that someone downstream, whose face we may never see, will benefit from our action, even as we enjoy the fruits sent to us from a donor upstream."

All of us at the Bread of Healing Clinic are committed to achieving health, not simply eliminating sickness. For us, health is an issue of social justice, a right that belongs to all people... not a commodity to be "delivered" on the basis of finances.

We share all that we have in the hope of healing, in the hope of moving all of us (patients and providers and volunteers) toward wholeness. None of us can be in full health without sharing the burdens of other people's illness. When we share those burdens, the pain and illness is no longer paralyzing. All of us are empowered.


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