The Bread of Healing Clinic was founded by two doctors, a nurse, and a dream.

dr barb.png

Dr. Barbara horner-ibler

Barbara Horner-Ibler is a founding physician for the Bread of Healing Clinic.  She has education and work experience in ministry and social work, before obtaining her training as a physician.  At the clinic, she has the opportunity to bring all three professions together in one service.  

Rick cesar

Rick Cesar is a founding nurse and the clinic manager.  He worked as an ER nurse and a parish nurse at Cross Lutheran for many years, before initiating the Bread of Healing Clinic with Dr. Horner-Ibler.  


Dr. Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson is a founding physician for the clinic.  He was a physician for the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, teaching at Aurora Sinai Medical Center.  He is also a member of Cross Lutheran Church, where the Bread of Healing Clinic began.  He continues his service to the clinic and our patients, teaching one clinic session each week, and serving as Board Emeritus on the Board of Directors.  



Heather Dummer-Combs, President
Daren Allen, Vice President
Eric Gravenkamp, Secretary
Joan Schilke, Treasurer

Jay Blankenship
Bob Feuling
Ania Horner
Dr. Tom Jackson (Emeritus)
Janet Jenkins
Darcy Lorenzon
Ane Ohm (Emeritus)
Kwadwo Owusu-Ofori
Nicole Singleton
Dr. Jeff Stein
Donna Ugboaja