In addition to serving as a medical home for our patients, the Bread of Healing Clinic provides the following services:

Medshare program

The Med Share program collaborates with other free clinics in the Milwaukee area to increase access to medication and lower the costs of those medications to the patients of these free clinics.

The pharmacist at the Bread of Healing Clinic:

  • manages the program,

  • trains new technicians,

  • maintains the inventory of medications for sharing with other free clinics,

  • maintains a list of medications and supplies that can be shared with other free clinics,

  • coordinates efforts to secure Patient Assistance Program medications from pharmaceutical companies for patients,

  • purchases medications on behalf of all the clinics in the Free and Community Clinic Collaborative (FC3).

Health Resource Center

Our Health Resource Center guides uninsured patients for their social service and medical care coordination needs.

We also serve clients who have insurance, but are unsure where to look for primary/specialty medical care or social services to maintain health and wellness.

To access our services, please call the Cross Lutheran Church clinic location to schedule an appointment with a social worker. The length of the appointment will be based on your needs. If you are applying for insurance or specialty care, please bring letters or any available medical records, in addition to your most recent federal income tax and last three check stubs.

We will ask what is important for you to stay healthy and help you meet your goals. We will check back with you to make sure you are making progress toward your goals.

The HRC can assist if:

  • You are interesting in applying for BadgerCare or other insurance

  • Your insurance will be changing soon

  • You are seeking a primary care provider

  • You need help scheduling an appointment with a counselor or psychiatrist

  • You need dental or vision care

  • You want to know where to apply for energy assistance

  • You were recently in the hospital and need help scheduling follow-up care

  • You haven't been feeling well and you need help finding a doctor

  • And with many more life situations

This program runs on grant support from the Milwaukee Health Care Partnerships and will run through 2018.





Limited dental services are available for established patients in the clinic.  We offer dental exams, cleanings, extractions, partials, dentures, and restorative care.  There are some costs associated with appliances.  

At Cross Clinic location.

Eye Care



We have a dedicated exam room for eye care, and can provided limited services for eye exams, vision testing and prescriptions for correction,  and eye glasses.  There are some costs associated with glasses.  

At Eastbrook Clinic location.

Free and community clinic collaborative (FC3)

Free clinics in Milwaukee began meeting occasionally in 2004 to share concerns, issues and stories. Beginning in 2007, 25 free clinics organized themselves more formally into the Free and Community Clinic Collaborative (FC3). The Bread of Healing Clinic serves as the fiscal agent for this organization. We meet monthly to share issues and concerns. Together we raise funds (from all four adult hospital systems and from our Doc Rock fundraiser) to sponsor a social worker and an administrative assistant available to all of the clinics. We advocate together on behalf of the patients we serve for the care they need from hospital systems or from the state of Wisconsin. We assist our patients in sign-up for Badger Care and the MarketPlace plans. We coordinate interested volunteers with clinic needs. The FC3 plays an important role in coordinating and expanding care for uninsured patients in the Milwaukee area.


The Bread of Healing Clinic educates medical students and residents in three different areas: 1.) healthcare economics, (i.e. who is covered by healthcare insurance, who is not and why), 2.) disparities in healthcare because of race, class, gender, or economic status, and 3.) spirituality's role in healthcare. The goal is to instill in students a life-long commitment of service to the underserved and a realization of the connection between mid/body/spirit in creating health.

The clinic also serves as a teaching site for nursing students, social work students, health care administration students, and behavioral health students.  

Ancillary Services for PATIENTS OF FC3 Clinics

  • Diabetes Education

  • Psychologists and Behavioral Health Counselors

  • Social Work services

  • Specialist services: cardiology, neurology, nephrology, orthopedics, rheumatology

  • Nutrition Education